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I'm about to lose my junk... call in reinforcements so i can catch a break

Girl.. I feel you.  You're not alone in this.  Stress Away and lavender will be your new best friends.  Roll some on your wrists, then take a deep breath breathing them in.  Add 5 drops of each to your diffuser for even more support & amazingness.  

My kid keeps waking up multiple times a night.  I am SO over this.

This is the worst.  I am so sorry.  Adding oils to my kids routined changed everything in this department.  Sleepyize is an answered prayer in a bottle.  It's perfectly diluted for kids.  Just add a roller cap on top, and roll on the bottom of their feet at bedtime.  The game changers for me were rolling a blend of peace & calming, and lavender mixed with fractionated coconut oil on his feet 3 times a day, and diffusing at night. 

My toddler gets into everything... last week I caught him eating a dishwasher pod.

Yikes girl!  This happened to me too!  This was my last straw with having chemical laden products in my home.  I don't want to have to call poison control anymore, and I don't want you to either.  I switched all of my cleaning products, and my dishwasher soap to the plant based Thieves line.  They work great, and are safe for me and my kids.  Win, WIN!

My mind feels like mush, so much going on I can't focus on anything.

Oh.. you're going to LOVE this.  Brain Power is an amazing blend to help with focus.  Clarity, Cedarwood, Vetiver, Lavender, and Frankincense are also AMAZE in this area.  I also use the Geneyus blend with a roller on top from the Kidscents line.  It's perfect for them at school, and me with my projects!

I carry all of my tension in my back, neck & head... help!

Get ready to throw up your praise hands.  Cool Azul Pain relief cream is AMAZE!  And for on the go issues, I always keep a roller of deep relief oil blend in my purse.  Just roll it on my shoulders, upper back, neck and sometimes temples.  Godsend.  Pan away is also INCREDIBLE and comes in your starter kit.  Pop a roller on top, and roll on your tense areas.

I am exhausted all the time.  I just have no energy.

Girl.  I feel you.  Life is hard, and responsibilities trump getting good rest a lot of the time.  Try a drop of peppermint in your water or tea.  En-R-Gee blend essential oil is awesome.  Diffuse peppermint, orange, lemon.  Take some of our Super B supplements, or drink 2 oz of Ningxia Red daily.  Drinking Ningxia daily has changed my whole life.. and my afternoon coffee / soda habit.  It's like a powerhouse superfood smoothie with all the antioxidants and good for me things. And it's SO YUMMY!  You'll get 2 sample packets in your starter kit.. refrigerate and drink up... or mix with a lacroix.  SO GOOD.

I love the spring, but pollen is crazy.  I can't stop sneezing & itching.

That is the worst.  Lavender, Lemon & Peppermint are about to become the prizes of your oil collection.  Add 10 drops of lemon & lavender, and 5 of peppermint topped with a carrier oil to a roller, and roll on your neck, wrists and under your chin if needed.  I also diffuse this blend nonstop during the spring months.

I feel down all the time, I've lost my zest for life, and things just feel pretty bleak.

First off, giant hugs sweet friend.  Please reach out for help if you haven't yet.  Try rubbing some peace and calming or joy blend on your wrists and breathing it in slowly.  Other great oils to try are Bergamot, Stress Away, Lavender, Rutavala, Roman Chamomile & Ylang Ylang. 

Ugh.  My house smells like animals, and sweaty boys.  Gross. 

You need Purification in your life.  This stuff is a stink bomb superhero.   It's been known to wipe out the smell of cigarette smoke, animal accidents, mildew and so much more.  Diffuse this with peppermint, or orange, or lemon and you're going to want to hug me with thankfulness.  A fun trick is to drop some of this oil on cotton balls and leave them in shoe bins, by the cat box, under the couch, the car, or other stinky areas. 

What are those lines appearing on my face!  I need to fix this.

Oh girl. Welcome to the club.  Frankincense and Manuka are about to change your life.  Add 10 drops of each oil into a roller and top with Jojoba oil.  Roll on face nightly. 

School is the worst.  So. Many.  Germs.  How can I keep my family healthy with everything they are surrounded with?

Ugh.  Yes.  Last year my son spend a week in the hospital because of an undiagnosed virus he caught at school.  After that I was just done with traditional things, and I knew we needed to make a change.  I bought my starter kit with YL and started focusing on building immune systems and overall wellness instead of just symptom management.  GAME CHANGER FRIEND.  I roll a blend of thieves, frankinsence, and RC on the bottom of my kids feet EVERY DAY before school.  And on mine too.  It's been the best thing ever. 

Sometimes I feel like I will never break free from the bad things that have happened to me.  

Did you know that trauma is actually stored in the body?  Release™ is an amazing blend with a relaxing aroma that facilitates the ability to let go of anger and frustration. It also promotes harmony and balance when diffused.  Trauma life is another amazing one designed to offer support during difficult emotional exploration.

I'm a pretty great gal, but for a few days each month... things get crazy.

Dragon Time is my favorite oil for this.  Its sweet, herbaceous aroma can help promote feelings of stability and calm during cycles of moodiness.   Rub this magic oil on your belly!  So good!  Other oils I love and use often are Progessence Plus on my wrists, Endoflex, Stress Away & Lavender in the diffuser or on wrists.

My family is breaking out and getting itchy from our clean laundry.. what's the deal?

Girl... YES!  I feel you.  Wool Dryer Balls are going to change your life.  I drop peppermint and orange on most of our laundry which helps a ton with damp clothes smell, or mustiness.  On our bedding and the kids jammies I drop lavender on the wool balls.  It smells awesome, and none of my sensitive skin family have had any issues since we switched!


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