our lovely tribe

Welcome Home. Your search is over. We are YOUR people.

There is ALWAYS room at the table for more! More friends...more family...more depth...more light...more love...more community! You matter here, friend. We are SO excited you are here! 

We are passionate about pure living, and being wellness advocates for our families.

We love hard, and laugh even harder.

And family and friendships are our favorite things.

This whole oily life has taken us all by surprise, in the best of ways.

None of us would've imagined that this is where we would be, but on the same hand we couldn't be more excited, or more thankful that God led us here.

And that you've been led here too.

That literally makes us want to hug your face off, and explode confetti canons on your doorstep.

We are your people. And that makes us giddy.

We cannot wait to get to know you!

However you slice it, we are a passionate community of everyday women seeking to better our lives through focusing on wellness,  purpose, and living lives of abundantly more, so that we can be free to go and give as God leads.
We belong to a team of thousands, and we are dedicated to walking this journey with you.  
If you've been searching for a place to belong, feel seen, and get your purpose ignited.

It all started when I decided it was time to take my health back. Not just my mental health but my physical health too. I was one of those who wanted to have a little more control over what was going in and on my body and I was desperate for  place I could feel welcomed and empowered in that journey. When I discovered Young Living and started this adventure with close friends, I was confident I had found the right place for me. I knew that the table we were building was going to have an endless amount of seats so that as we grew, the room for more never ended.  I found my story and natural gifts helping others discover theirs. I found my knowledge of oils grow so much and I found a job that has allowed me to be present with my family while helping others claim back their time too. 

I want to live a life that is intentional and with clear purpose. I want to make people feel valued and that they matter here. I want to protect the health of my family so that our bodies stay strong. I to avoid the unnecessary so I can protect what  God has given us in our health.

Why Young Living and getting oils through a distributor rather than just a grocery store?

Because we set the industry standard for quality, not only with our oils and products but with our support of each member. We are not a big company who doesn’t know who you are. We are everything that is beautiful about small business. You can visit Young Living's farms, see the processes to creating our beautiful oils, and meet in the homes of our distributors.

Our team is made of moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, coaches, students, introverts and extroverts, those with little education and those trained at the best universities. We are using the income we earn by supporting you and building community to pay for classes, groceries, shoes, family vacations, build up our savings, pay off debts, donate to our favorite charities, and build ministries.

More than anything, we are using the money we earn to pour back into our families, our communities, and the purposes we feel called to.

You are not a number or a sale. You are a name, a story, an answered prayer.  And a treasured part of our team.

Thank you for choosing us to link arms with.  We can't wait to get to know you!



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